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A low-cost opportunity to advertise your benefits-related services and products to our 1,200+ members, including most major employers, and the many more that visit our website. This regional Benefits Resource Directory promotes and highlights your organization to thousands of potential buyers.


"NEEBC’s Buyer Guide is a great, low-cost way to advertise AHT Insurance’s services to the New England employee benefits community and highlight that we have an office in Boston serving employers in New England.”

- Joan L. Cunnick, Vice President, AHT Insurance


"The NEEBC Buyer Guide has helped buyers - both new prospects and those who needed a reminder - find us when looking for quality EAP services.  The Buyer Guide works for us!"

- Kathleen Greer, Founder and Chairman, KGA, Inc.

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Basic Listing 

  • 1 Category Listing + Logo
  • Linked to corporate website
  • Categories listed below



Enhanced Listing

  • 3 Category Listings + Logo
  • Linked to corporate website
  • Categories listed below




Featured Listing**

  • Positioned as the first organization/logo listed under each category
  • Larger font size
  • Larger logo size (~300px X 100px)
  • Linked to corporate website



Take advantage of this low-cost opportunity to advertise
your benefits-related services and products to thousands of potential buyers!


Current Buyer Guide Categories***

Absence Management
ACA Compliance
Actuarial Services


Benefits Administration
Benefits Software/Provider
Benefits Technology

Career Services
COBRA/Retiree Billing Administration


Dental Insurance
Disability Insurance

EAP/Crisis Management
Employee Rewards & Recognition
Executive Benefits
Financial Planning
Global Employee Benefits
Health Care/Wellness Consulting, Products and Services
Health Insurance
HSA/HRA/FSA Administrator
Investments for Retirement Plans
Legal Services
Life Insurance
Medical Service Provider
Medicare Advisor
On-site Health Care
Payroll Solutions
Pet Insurance
Pharmaceutical Provider
Pharmacy Benefits Manager
Recordkeeping Services for Retirement Plans
Retirement Consulting
Retirement Products and Services
Staffing & Recruiting
Stop-loss Insurance
Student Loan Repayment Programs
Supplemental/Employee Paid Benefits
Virtual Expert Medical Opinions
Vision Insurance
Voluntary Benefits
Wellness Consultant
Wellness Service Provider
Work Life

* Pricing is for March 1, 2020 to February 28, 2021. 
**To have a featured listing, an organization must first sign up for a Basic or Enhanced Listing. Actual logo size will be based on the logo design.
***If this list doesn't include a category that best describes your benefits-related product/service, we will consider adding a new category.