Building Emotional & Mental Wellness Globally

Employers have long realized the benefits of helping workers stay physically healthy, but many have been reluctant to venture into the less understood, often stigmatized realm of mental health issues. Today, that attitude is starting to change as organizations realize the extent of the problem and the toll it takes on productivity and business continuity.

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MA FMLA Regulation Update - January 2019

The Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development (EOLWD) will be holding public listening sessions with respect to draft regulations on the Department of Family and Medical Leave. The MA Department of Family and Medical Leave’s website has been updated to include listening session dates for draft regulations. The draft regulations will be posted on or before January 23rd.  

The EOLWD invites you to attend and share your comments on the implementation of the regulations.
List of listening session dates
It is very important for the EOLWD to receive feedback from NEEBC members who are on the front line of Leave Management. 

Do you plan to attend a listening session?  

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